DIY Tips & Tricks for a Killer Halloween Party

It's October and that can only mean one thing...It's Halloween season! Get the lowdown on some amazing DIY Halloween party tricks and treats.

Halloween is around the Corner, Host a Killer Party!

It's October and that can only mean one thing...It's Halloween season, spooooooky!


Halloween is probably one of our favourite holidays of the year and even though it's not widely celebrated in South Africa, it should be! From the fun costumes and crazy make up to the spooky parties and fabulous dinners its a creatives party planners dream holiday! You can choose whether you want to go wacky and wild or spooky and scary and thats what makes it so fun, there’s something for everyone so indulge your dark side and create an unforgetable night.

Lets look at a few fun and easy ways to celebrate halloween with your friends at home.

Just like us, people who enjoy hosting parties can use this as an excuse to get creative and plan something sophisticated and fun or skin-crawling and terrifying. Theres so much more then just outfits and scary fake blood, totally freak your guests out with spooky decorations, scary snacks, devilish desserts and creepy cocktails.

Try these DIY tips & tricks for your Halloween bash

Spooky decorations 

Let's face it...decorations are what make your party stand out.

Halloween decorations are easy to make and they need to look cute and creepy at the same time. Incorporating things already found around the house can bring a more sophisticate look as well. You don't want your guests to be so freaked out that they can’t enjoy the party, especially if there are going to be kids around.

Here are some decorations ideas you could make great use of: 

  1. The wall of the dead. Pick a wall in your house that you can hang or stick some creepy photos from the internet. These photos can be anything, scenes from your favorite horror  movies, pictures of ghosts behind people and even witches. Any image that makes your skin crawl, would work perfectly. Add some fake cobwebs around each picture to make the wall look older and spooky as well as candles on the floor and keep this room dark to add a eerie touch!
  2. Forget Black and Orange. Black with touches of green or purple, white and gold, black and gold, White and orange or black and white work nicely and are a welcome change to the same tried and tested black and orange colour scheme. Neutral earthy tones are also more sophisticated and grown up and can still be scary. So in actual fact any colours can be used if you do it properly, but if its your first party stick to the examples provided, those colours work perfectly!
  3. Goblet style Glassware. If you don't have, hire goblet-style glassware, using these adds a touch of old world elegance and mystery. You can also buy as they can be used again after the holiday and for many more entertaining occasions. Both classic and interesting they add a special touch to your table setting.
  4. Beguiling place setting. Skip your everyday silverware and opt for shiny black forks, knives, and spoons instead. It's a small touch but makes a huge difference. Use beautiful old crystal and silver vases for decor on you table, add dried out flowers like red roses and greenery to create a somber yet elegant mood. Spooky doesnt have to mean childish and gross!
  5. Branch it out. With this DIY you need to collect old and dry branches that you can bundle up together. Your branches can’t have any leaves and they need to look as crooked as possible. Once you have them bundled up, add fake cobwebs all around the branches. If you can't get your hands on some fake cobwebs, use long strips of pulled cotton wool to give the same effect as a spider web. Place some plastic spiders of your choice onto the branches too. The look you are going for here is a tree of spiders and let's face it, that would freak anyone out. The size of this display is really up to you and you can place them on your tables, outside or all around the house.
  6. Woven webs. Weave webs out of black wool and use them as wall or table   decorations. You can even weave a web big enough to go over your guest's chairs and your furniture. 
  7. Candles. Black and white pillar candles in all lengths create an intimate yet sinister mood, place them all around your house and on your dinner table to ensure just right amount of ambient light. This is elegant yet creepy at the same time.
  8. Pumpkins. Its been done a million times, hallowing out Pumpkins and making scary jack-o’-lanterns but they don't only have to orange! Paint them white and black to create an elegant twist to an old classic. Add flowers, glitter or gold drip, anything is possible and the more unique the more memorable.

Creepy cocktail station 

If your Halloween party is a little more sophisticated and intimate,make some signature drinks to serve your guests that go with the Halloween theme. 

  1. Give your bar the lift it needs. If the look you are trying to go for is more grown up creepy sophistication 😜, then string some white balloons to your bar. Add a sheer black mesh material over the balloon and decorate with fake spiders and cobwebs. You can also add skulls and webs to your cocktail station as well as playful signage.
  2. Punch pumpkins. Hollow out a pumpkin and add a drink of your choice. Once you have added the drink you can drip fake blood along the sides of the pumpkin for extra gore. If you want to kick it up a notch, freeze little fake insects in your ice cube tray and add them to the punch. 
  3. Bloody Mary’s finger juice. Serve your guests bloody Marys with a twist. Buy some plastic fingers that you can put into the glass. Drench the fingers in tobasco to look as though they are bleeding. This really goes well with a Halloween theme and it looks incredibly creepy to drink from a glass with a finger in it. Fake of course. 
  4. Mysterious fog.  To give your bar station a really eerie look,add some dry ice to pumpkins that have been hollowed out. This will create a fog over your station and it will wow your guests. 
  5. Signature Cocktail. To go with autumn halloween vibes a signature cocktail for you guests would be perfect as a welcome drink. Name it anything you like but be sure to make it spooky. Cinnamon and all spice remind everyone of halloween time so this cocktail is perfect for your party

Delicious Cocktail Recipe


60 ml Rum

90 ml Fresh pineapple juice

30 ml simple syrup

15 ml lime juice

0.5 tsp cinnamin

0.5 tsp all spice


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously, strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lime and cinnamon sticks, don’t forget to add a scary drink  stirrer.

Scary snacks

There is nothing better than having snacks for your guest while they have a drink and a chat before dinner is ready. So that makes the snacks you serve at your Halloween party very important. 

Lets take your ordinary snacks to the next level with these ideas:

  1. Meatball mummies. This is a really cool way to bring your snacks into the Halloween theme. All you need to do is fry or bake meatballs of any size. Add one meat ball to a wooden stick or toothpick. Once you have them on,cut small circular pieces of olives to act as the eyes. Then fit long thin strips of dough and wrap them around the meatballs to act as the bandages. Place the olives on top of the dough and place in the oven to bake.If you want to add a little something extra,add tomato puree or tomato sauce on the meatball to look like blood.  
  2. Intestine bread anyone? For this simple dish all you need to do is roll out some dough into a long square shape. Now you can decide if you want the ‘blood’ to be sweet or salty so either tomato puree, red chili sauce or strawberry jam. Any condiment that is red in colour will work. Lather the dough in the topping of your choice. Once you have the topping on, now you can slowly start to roll the dough in a long cylinder shape,making one long tube. Place you dough into the shape of intestines into a baking tray and allow it to bake. And there you go! Intestine bread. 
  3. Cheesy witch fingers. This one is for the cheese lovers. Cut long rectangular blocks of halloumi cheese. Then you will need black olives that are cut into halves to be the nails of the witch fingers. You will also need a red sauce to be the blood on the fingers, sweet chili sauce works well with the halloumi. Once You have cut the cheese, add half an olive to the tip of the halloumi cheese. Dip the tip of the finger into the red sauce and place in the oven to bake. Once they are done the halloumi cheese will keep the olive in place and because it was put in the oven, the cheese finger will look old and scary.
  4. Pumpkin soup. Use the pumpkins as your soup bowl. This is more to do with how it is served than what is served. Any soup will work but if you are hollowing out small pumpkins to serve your soup in you might as well use it to make the soup. Hollow out the small pumpkins and serve your soup in it, remember to cut the top off neatly as it will be used to serve, put them in-front of each person and let them open their individual pumpkins to reveal a delicious soup starter. 

Devilish desserts

Nothing is better than having something sweet after a main meal. 

For your guests that have a really big sweet tooth or even a slight sweet tooth,try these cute ideas for your Halloween party: 

  1. Banana mummies. Cut whole bananas in half and place them on a tray take a chocolate of your choice and drizzle chocolate sauce over them in a zigzag pattern.Once you have chocolate on,take little chocolate nibs or peanut nibs to act as the eyes of the mummy. This idea is great for those guests who want something that isn't too sweet. And heavy on the calories. 
  2. Blood dripped cupcakes. Whether you want to bake or buy the cupcakes is up to you. All you would need to do is either buy some edible fake blood or make some yourself using red dyed icing sugar. Drip the icing all over the cupcake to make it look filled with blood. Then for some added drama, place little edible worm gummies into the center of the cupcakes to look as though they are coming out of the blood filled cupcake. 
  3. Chocolate Mousse Eyeballs. Melt chocolate over a medium-low heat. Put chocolate, dates and sweetener in a food processor and blend until smooth. Take out some of the mixture and shape it into a ball with your hands, about eyeball size lol. Roll the ball in the coconut or cacao and repeat with rest of the mixture. Use black and white fondant to make the pupils of eyes, you can get edible red ink and make the whites of the eye bloodshot as well.

A top tip for a stress free dessert is to get the delicious halloween themed donuts from Krispy Kreme which your guests will love, they always have atleast 6 different designs and you can pile them onto a cake stand for a spooky donut tower, give them to your guests to take home or create a centre piece on your dessert table, its up to you!

So if you are up for a scary Halloween party, then Gaia can take care of all your spooky dreams and incorporate them into your event.

We Hope to hear from you soon!

Bye for now


Posted in Celebrations on Oct 02, 2019


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